Gagauzia #2

If you’re looking for diversity of Moldova you should definitely go South, to Gagauzia!!!

Also down there you’ll find the best  wine in my opinion:)) Why I am saying the best? I am talking about “Valul lui Traian “ region is called that way because it was used for Defense by the Roman Empire against the barbarians. This Region is very famous for the red varieties, like merlot, cabernet sauvignon and pinot noir and they constitute 65%of national production. Very good home made wine YOU will find it at Kara-Gani (Vulcanesti). Gheorghe Cervenea!

If you’re looking for a place to stay overnight ,not too far in the village Congaz is a traditional touristic complex,recently opened by Ana Statova. The name of the complex is: “Gagauz Sofrasi “and has 4 eco houses.

The Law on the special status of the Gagauz Yeri has granted the region a status of Autonomous Territorial entity within the unitary state of the Republic of Moldova. The highest ranking administrative official of Gagauz Yeri is the Bashkan (Governor). The Gagauz people were settled in Bessarabia in the 18 th century after continuous Russian-Ottoman wars in Balkans. Russian Empress Catherine II settled them here with one condition to convert to Orthodox religion!


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