Plaiul Fagului Scientific Reserve

Plaiul Fagului reserve is situated in the Central Part of Moldova in the proximity of the Radenii Vechi commune, Ungheni County. The main protection subjects are natural fundamental beech and oak forests as well as animal and plant species. Its surface is 5642 ha.

How2 get there from Chisinau .A total of 947 vascular plant species and mushrooms and 1400 of animal species, from which 209-vertebrates, have been registered there 75 species have been included in the Red Book of Moldova.

The natural area is interesting and attractive from the point of view of the animal kingdom, sheltering and providing living conditions and food for several species of mammals, birds and deer (Cervus elaphus), bumblebee (wild lady), wild boar (Sus scrofa), martes, wild cat (Felis silvestris), bolero (Meles meles), muslela frenata, squirrel carolinensis, species of bats, big bush (Bubo bubo) or cuke (Athene noctua). .

The reserve is basically a natural deposit of a substantial number of plant and animal species that have a strict protection regime.

 Adress MD 3642 R.Moldova, r-nul Ungheni, s.Rădenii Vechi

Contact:+ 373 236 9 35 32;

From the territory of the reserve comes the river Bic, in whose basin is also the capital Chisinau. For more info you can check here 


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