Codri Forest Nature Reserve

The oldest natural reserve in Moldova – “Codri”, was founded in 1971 and occupies an area of ​​5177 ha. The relief has heights of a maximum 380 m, is intersected by countless valleys, ravines, ravines. Nature in the reserve amazes with the multitude of forms and species, many of them are passed to the rare and endangered category. In the natural reserve “Codri” there are almost 1000 varieties of protected plants, is half of the flora, characteristic of Moldova. In three functional areas of the reserve 225 species of vertebrate animals and 1178 invertebrate species were fixed. Of the vertebrates, 55 types are rare and 43 very rare. In the forests are found: red deer, wild cat, hawk, turtle dove, owl, viper, etc. Codrul (plural Codrii Moldovei) is one word that is often used in Moldova and represents massif forest located in the hilly centre of the Republic of Moldova, on the Plateau of Central Moldova, occupying approx. 40% of the surface of this high plateau. The forests mainly occupy the maximum altitudes, between 200 and 430 m. On August 8, the “Codrii” Reserve hosted the first edition of the “Straseni, mon amour” Festival – a social event to promote environmentally friendly local public services (waste collection, connection to the centralized water and sewerage system, etc.), transparency at LPA level, civic involvement. During the event, there were various activities, workshops, discussions, exhibitions and an ecological fair.

photo credit: Roman Friptuleac

📣Investment Agency ,, Invest Moldova ”in partnership with Agency“ Moldsilva ”, A.O Travel Forever and A.O Biotica started the Program for promoting the potential of Protected Natural Areas from a tourist point of view.
👉The program aims to stimulate the circuit of tourists in the Protected Natural Areas – in a responsible manner, to ensure the protection and conservation of ecosystems in those areas. – at the “Codrii” Reservation.

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