Medieval Festival at Etno-Cultural Complex Vatra

In the 4th edition of the Medieval Festival, the Ethno-Cultural Complex Vatra will completely embrace the medieval coat, bringing to the plateau the valuable historical costume of our identity through a “Medieval Feast at the Royal Court”.

We will try to reconstruct the customs and wedding traditions historically, and the spectators will become delighted guests at the biggest Medieval Feast ever organized. Visitors will be able to witness a stage theater at the Royal Court, where hundreds of characters will meet: bride and groom, rulers, aristocrats, noblemen, knights, watchmen, swordsmen and swordsmen, arlechini and buffons.

On June 23-24 we will have two days of “Medieval Chef”, with barrels, piglets, cooked dishes … and of course, what kind of medieval feast without battles and fighting as men? Fighters will measure their strength by participating in the 1 to 1, 3-to-3, 1-to-3, and mass-fought international turn-outs. The youngsters will participate in the International Medieval Fighting Championship for children, and medieval shooting lovers will be able to watch the Medieval Arch of the World.

In addition to battle demonstrations, visitors will have the opportunity to see what the real medieval camps looked like where soldiers were resting in tents, chewing, and preparing for the next fight. The members of the Historic Reconstruction Clubs – men, women, children, will create an impressive veritable framework of those times, familiarizing us with the port, crafts and the specific activities of the culture of the medieval camps, the visitors having the opportunity to participate in different workshops organized within the festival .

Over the course of two medieval days you will be able to admire valuable collections of objects specific to that period, and for the strongest of yarns, a grand exhibition of the torture objects used at that time will be held.

The evenings will be filled with live music, theatrical and fireshow performances, and on the big stage will be hosted famous groups of foreign musicians and dancers, who through their art specific to the medieval age, will give the spectator the absolute feeling of travel in time.

Ticket price:
100 lei – one day
150 lei – 2 days

Group> 20 people:
Ticket price:
50 lei – one day
70 lei – 2 days

* Free entrance for all, until 11.00
** Free entrance for children (up to 12 years)

You can get your tickets here.

How to get there 

Similarly, in order to reach the complex, the public transport on the routes can be taken from the Sculeni district of the capital:

# Chisinau-Bucovăţ;

# Chisinau-Lozova;

# Chisinau-Calarasi;

# Chisinau-Vorniceni

If you need more info you can access here   or  Moldova Tourist Information Center

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