Where is Moldova ?

Is very easily to get confused about this little green country, that Christians are also calling it the Garden of Mary! If you still don’t know where is it …. is between Romania and Ukraine like a sandwich:)) and is sharing common cultural heritage with Romania. That’s why if you’re traveling through Europe, especially Eastern part you should visit all of  this 3 to discover the best kept secrets of less visited countries, especially Moldova!!!  Why is so special? Because of its History, Wine (a lot of wine ), Nature, Diversity and the people very kind hearted, I would say still innocent…

Fotografia postată de Balatel Elana.

One of the legends says that Moldova was founded  around 1352 by Dragoș Vodă, when he successfully hunted a bison(that is on our coat of arms )on the banks of the river Moldova. Principality of Moldova was between Carpathian Mountains and Dniester river.But way before that this land was called Dacia inhabited by the Dacians, the Greeks referred them as Getae and the Romans as Daci . The Dacian King was Burebista (82-44BC)

Our language is Romanian and comes from the Latin word “Romanus” (citizen of Rome)the  local population was romanized after the conquest of Dacia by Emperor Trajan (106 A.D).Romanian retains a significant number of features of old Latin and also has words from Slavic languages, as well  as  French,German, Greek and Turkish.Also widely  in Moldova is spoken Russian by a lot of people, that’s a testimony that this place was once the province of Russian Empire(1812) and later a part of Soviet Union (1940 ). Cyrillic alphabet was used until Bessarabia joined the Romanian Kingdom in 1918. To be clear Romanian is a Latin language and Russian is Slavic … a lot of people are getting confused is not the same language and Yes, we speak both of them .

Moldova emerged as an Independent Republic following the collapse  of the Soviet Union in 1991.

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