Underland Wine & Music Festival at Cricova

Usually, when Moldovans fill their glasses with red wine (Feteasca Neagra or Rara Neagra), they always say, “Hey, it’s good for my heart!”

Nicoletta Crisponi feeling happy at Cricova…

The best chance to get a good glass of red wine and take care of your heart is at the unique underground wine and street music festival, organized in Cricova  at ” Underland Festival“.

In Cricova underground galleries you’ll see over 70 streets covering an area of nearly 53 ha ,each street has its own name like :  Cabernet, Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and so on, be careful don’t get lost. Also here you’ll find one of the  oldest bottles of wine dated 1902.

Underland Wine & Music Fest 

Will be waiting for you with a glass of flavored gluntwein at the entrance, after that you’ll have an underground tour at the Museum. You will feel lucky that you can see the legendary and rare wine collection. If you really love wine and want to leave Moldova like a wine expert ,you will participate at different workshops and master classes held by talented craftsmen. Also you can have access to 3 themed districts of the Underland city – district of the white, red and sparkling wine and to 3 wine schools situated in the Cricova underground galleries, while participating at tastings held by well-known sommeliers. 

Spectacular show with more than 80 street artists, musicians and bands from 7 countries;
Photos and memorable selfies with different characters of the Underland city.
The Theme of this year’s Festival is: LOVE…

Moldovans like Romanians have its own special day for lovers and is called ”Dragobete”, celebrated on February 24, 10 days after Valentine’s Day .

The traditional saying is that Dragobetele kisses the girls (Dragobetele saruta fetele in Romanian).

Make the most out of your leisure time by booking your weekend Getaway with Winetours Moldova.

Winetours Moldova is a boutique agency that creates unforgettable wine & culinary journeys with a first class experience. It may take weeks and months to count all the bottles of wine from Cricova , but if you have a short amount of time you could definetly choose an experienced company to help you in organizing this trip, which will be consisting out of various activities according to your preferences.

My favorite one is  Urban Art and Wine Tour

At this tour you can meet the winemaker and enjoy the wine tasting, paired with traditional Moldovan “plăcinte”.  ATU winery being established by a young family, they mastered the art of wine making, promoting it as “The best of you is inside You”.


Urban Wine and Art Tour offers you the chance to get to know the city of Chișinău through passionate people, coffee aroma, taste of legendary wines, as well new form of art.

Don’t hesitate and visit Moldova, you’ll have an unbelievable experience!

Life is short, travel more…

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