Sipoteni- a comune in Calarasi district has 4 new touristc routes!

  • A year ago (2020) we started a beautiful tourism project, we created 4 touristic routes unique for Calarasi region in Sipoteni village which is aiming to develop sustainable tourism in the region also boost the creativity of the youth, because the routes are eco and they can be easily done by walking, cycle or with a horse carriage like i did. For those who don’t know, Sipoteni was chosen as the Capital of Youth for 2020-2021 by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova . Together with the youth of Sipoteni, we discovered incredibly beautiful places, but first of all kind-hearted people.
  • On Sunday, August 1, 2021 we launched this 4 new trails together with the youth of Sipoteni village and the strategic partners of this project. (the project was implemented by ANTRIM which stands for development of inbound tourism)
  • To learn more about this trails I’ll have a brief description of each of them, down below.
  • Sipoteni Woods, this route goes through incredibly beautiful natural landscapes, through the forests of Sipoteni/ Harjauca, from Calarasi district. In fact this is a natural area protected by the state, and is consisted of natural- fundamentally valuable beech stands, located at the eastern edge of the range in Europe. Its genofond consists out of 74 species of vascular plants, of which 6 species of rare plants, 2 of them are included in the Red Book of the Republic of Moldova.
  • First Itinerary goes through Sipoteni- Tochile (is another village from Sipoteni comune)- Leordoaia-Palanca- Harjauca- Oricova- Sipoteni ( it has a shape of a heart on the map and is the color green on the map) on this trail the Natural landscape i would say is virgin and wild, here you’ll meet the owner of a sheep farm his last name is Popovici also he has 150 families of bees ( here you can taste honey and cheese, and if you’re lucky to be in the season of peaches he has a beautiful orchard this is in Tochile village) forward down is Leordoaia village here you can have some lunch in Kirghiz style, here is the Manas Yurt village. (20 km)
  • Second Itinerary goes through Sipoteni-Codru fairytale (guest house)-Harjauca monastery- Raciula Honey House- Raciula Monastery- Hoginesti pottery this itinerary has 40 km.
  • Charm of the Hills is a beautiful route surrounded by the hills, near by is Balanesti hill which is considered the tallest in Moldova (429 m), Veverita (408 m) and Magura hill (389 m).
  • This Itinerary starts from Sipoteni and the next stop is at Bahmut village, here you can visit an abandoned polish mansion that belonged to Malski family, also near by is also the church built by the same family. If you have kids i recommend you also to stop by Plaiul Fagului reserve (which is nr 4 on the map the blue trail) here is a picnic area with all sort of wooden crafts and is by a lake is absolutely gorgeous in autumn, especially if you like to take pictures. After you have a walk in the nature i recommend you to stop by at the Mircesti Winery, the building is an old mansion that got renovated here you have a feeling that you are in Toscana not in Moldova, because the vineyards are on a hill and the view is breathtaking. This trail has 47 km and can be done easily by bicycle or by car if you’re coming from a long distance.
  • Royal Post Road this trail is an ancient road, when our ancestors were looking for short and comfortable roads, between secular forests, abundant waters, and this trail was international used to bring the mail from Romania, Moldova and Ukraine. This trail also starts from Sipoteni and the next stop is on a hill above the village, where is a spring called ,, La Sipot” here is believed that village of Sipoteni was born. The next stop is at the guest house ,, La Tanasache” what is famous for this village and Tanasache family is for plums, on the road you’ll see hectares of plum orchards, all sorts. Also on this trail is believed that Stephen the Great our King was looking for drinkable water, here you’ll find his Spring is between the Sipoteni and Valcinet village. ( is the yellow route on the map and is nr 7). The nature view on this trail is absolutely fantastic, have a good camera and comfortable shoes because this trail i would say is difficult and enough water.
  • Wine Valley this region has a special designation ( protected geographical region) is called IGP Codru and is located in the center of the Republic of Moldova, the relief of Codru region is strongly fragmented by a network of valleys, ravines, intersected by rivers and springs. The name of this trails is already clear talking about wine, here we have Tudor winery, Vornic Winery, Tataru winery all of them are family owned and serve a specific gastronomy for this region like stuffed pumpkin with sarmale. This trail is the longest (the color red on the map) and is split in 2 because has a lot of touristic places to visit, Calarasi region is reach in remarkable nature view, culture, wine&gastronomy and the last but not least its people!

This map includes 4 touristic routes from the following Districts: Calarasi, Straseni, Nisporeni, Ungheni, developed by the National Association for the Inbound Tourism within the project ,, Sipoteni Youth Capital 2020-2021” funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Research of the Republic of Moldova. Other partners: Efes Moldova and Moldsilva.

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