National Day of Rosé wine at castle MiMi

A Rosé Wine is perfect summer time drink. A glass of rosé is refreshing and lighter than red wines and deeper than white wines.

Rosé all Day at Castel MiMi

Shades of Pink

When choosing your bottle of rosé at the wine store,you may notice that there is quite a variety of wine colors. Because the longer grape’s skin are left in wine, the darker the final color of the wine will be. Also, the type of grape used affects the shade -from peach-colored to dark pink.

A bottle of rosé is flirty and fun, but if you had to much wine at Castel MiMi they have the room ready 4u. One of my favorite places  to have a pool party or just an event is well organized and very professional staff, the food is also at its best.

38 kilometers outside of Chisinau, the Capital of the Republic of Moldova, MiMi Castle  is a must see tourist destination for the wine lover. The Castle was founded by the last governor of Bessarabia, Constantin Mimi, in 1893, has reopened to the public in all its splendor, after being closed during the existence of the Soviet Union, according to Mimi was a great winemaker during his time.



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