Mihai Sava a Family Winery from Costesti

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. Colin Powell

An exemple of hard work and persistence is  Mihai Sava,

The winemaker who had evolved from the production of home-made wine to the launching of bottled wine under his own brand with the support of USAID and Moldovan Small Wine Producers Association,  Wine of Moldova.

The winery is situated in Costesti  28 km away from Chisinau.You can purchase the wine online 

The sages of winemaking uniformly counsel patience,  after patiently stomping, crushing, adjusting, fermenting, and racking, you have to wait…

But many of wine’s great characteristics come after a wine has been properly bottled. While the methods and equipment for bottling at home may be more primitive than those used at state-of-the-art commercial wineries, there is no reason that the results can’t be as good — or better.

In practice most reds will achieve heat and cold stabilization naturally, although a few tartrates may appear with bottle age. White wines, blushes, and fruit wines may be more problematic.After months of aging in the barrels the wine is moved into the bottle where it will stay at the winery and continue to age. When the wine is sufficiently aged in the bottle, the wine is ready to be shipped and consumed by the wine lover. Last year the winery  had around 600 bottles of wine, for this year they’re planning to expand their production up to 2000, bottles it will be a great year!!

My favorite is : Merlot 2017 (13,2 % alcohol)

For more info abot this wine or any other ones you can access here

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