Gagauz Sofrasi Eco Resort

Inspired by the big weddings organized in UTA Gagauzia, Ana Statova decided to open the first congaz party hall.

“The wedding is the only event that brings everyone together. The Gagauz are a very welcoming people. Some guests, coming from afar, used to ask, “Where you can stay overnight down there?” And I was thinking of the idea of a hotel, “Ana Statova explains enthusiastically.

“Gagauz Sofrasi” began its life with two small houses, but also a small museum with objects that reflect the occupations and the port of Congaz’s past. Over time, the entrepreneur decided to develop his business, with particular emphasis on the region’s traditions. The project of a genuine traditional ethnic villa was supported by the EU and Ana Statova began to build its dream.

Here is the map how to get there from Chisinau

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