Codri Forest Nature Reserve

The oldest natural reserve in Moldova – “Codri”, was founded in 1971 and occupies an area of ​​5177 ha. The relief has heights of a maximum 380 m, is intersected by countless valleys, ravines, ravines. Nature in the reserve amazes with the multitude of forms and species, many of them are passed to the rare and endangered category. In the natural reserve “Codri” there are almost 1000 varieties of protected plants, is half of the flora, characteristic of Moldova. In three functional areas of the reserve 225 species of vertebrate animals and 1178 invertebrate species were fixed. Of the vertebrates, 55 types are rare and 43 very rare. In the forests are found: red deer, wild cat, hawk, turtle dove, owl, viper, etc. Codrul (plural Codrii Moldovei) is one word that is often used in Moldova and represents massif forest located in the hilly centre of the Republic of Moldova, on the Plateau of Central Moldova, occupying approx. 40% of the surface of this high plateau. The forests mainly occupy the maximum altitudes, between 200 and 430 m. On August 8, the “Codrii” Reserve hosted the first edition of the “Straseni, mon amour” Festival – a social event to promote environmentally friendly local public services (waste collection, connection to the centralized water and sewerage system, etc.), transparency at LPA level, civic involvement. During the event, there were various activities, workshops, discussions, exhibitions and an ecological fair.

photo credit: Roman Friptuleac

📣Investment Agency ,, Invest Moldova ”in partnership with Agency“ Moldsilva ”, A.O Travel Forever and A.O Biotica started the Program for promoting the potential of Protected Natural Areas from a tourist point of view.
👉The program aims to stimulate the circuit of tourists in the Protected Natural Areas – in a responsible manner, to ensure the protection and conservation of ecosystems in those areas. – at the “Codrii” Reservation.

Sipoteni- a comune in Calarasi district has 4 new touristc routes!

  • A year ago (2020) we started a beautiful tourism project, we created 4 touristic routes unique for Calarasi region in Sipoteni village which is aiming to develop sustainable tourism in the region also boost the creativity of the youth, because the routes are eco and they can be easily done by walking, cycle or with a horse carriage like i did. For those who don’t know, Sipoteni was chosen as the Capital of Youth for 2020-2021 by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova . Together with the youth of Sipoteni, we discovered incredibly beautiful places, but first of all kind-hearted people.
  • On Sunday, August 1, 2021 we launched this 4 new trails together with the youth of Sipoteni village and the strategic partners of this project. (the project was implemented by ANTRIM which stands for development of inbound tourism)
  • To learn more about this trails I’ll have a brief description of each of them, down below.
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Căpriana monastery

A great number of fortresses and monasteries  were built during the reign of Moldova’s greatest ruller “Stephen the Great” ( 1457-1504). It was during his time that the Moldovan architectural style, of great originality and stylistic unity, developed, by blending Gothic elements with the Byzantine structure to the church. The style was continued in the 16th century, during the rule of Stephen the Great’s son, Petru Rares ( 1527-1538, 1541-1546).


      In a picturesque forest area, only 40km north – west of Chisinau, lies Capriana monastery – one of the oldest in Moldova . For a long period of time it was the headquarters of Moldova’s bishop. The first significant reference dates from a document issued in 1429 that gave Căpriana the status of royal monastery on behalf of Alexander the Good. In this deed the holy abode was referred to as “mănăstirea de la Vâșnovăț unde este egumen Chiprian” (the monastery of Vâșnovăț where the hegumen is Chiprian) and was given in the possession of Alexander’s wife – princess Marena. After a period of decay, the monastery was rebuilt at the behest of Petru Rareș, from 1542 to 1545.  Originally  constructed completely from wood (1429), later, in 1545, a summer church called “Assumption of the Virgin Mary” was constructed from stone. In 1840 the “St. George” and in 1903 the “St. Nicolae” churches were built. The biggest convent library in Moldova was situated here in Capriana, it was endowed with precious gifts by different leaders. Closed and dilapidated during the post-war period, it was only reopened again in 1989. The final reconstruction was made in 2008 and since that moment it is open for visitors.

Underland Wine & Music Festival at Cricova

Usually, when Moldovans fill their glasses with red wine (Feteasca Neagra or Rara Neagra), they always say, “Hey, it’s good for my heart!”

Nicoletta Crisponi feeling happy at Cricova…

The best chance to get a good glass of red wine and take care of your heart is at the unique underground wine and street music festival, organized in Cricova  at ” Underland Festival“. Continue reading “Underland Wine & Music Festival at Cricova”

July events

Anul acesta, poveștile de pe Nistru învie la Festivalul IA MANIA!
Îmbracă-ți IA, ia-ți  de mână Făt Frumosul sau Cosânzeaza și vino să trăim o poveste pe viu, pe  8 iulie la Holercani!
В этом году на Фестивале IA MANIA оживут легенды Днестра!
Наденьте вашу самую красивую ию (национальную рубашку), захватите с собой Фэт-Фрумоса или Иляну Косынзяну и присоединяйтесь к ожившей легенде, 8 июля, в с. Холеркань!
IA MANIA is a festival of traditional arts and crafts that will be held in Holeracani village! Where our legends are coming to life with Fat-Frumos and Ileana Consinzeana.

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