DAC winery, a legend alive!

Dacia was a region inhabited by the Dacians in the north of the Danube (modern Romania). The kingdom of Dacia was the creation of Burebistas (c. 80-44 BCE), who conquered and united several other Dacian principalities.

DAC winery is not just winery is our history also, even is very young (was founded in 2013) they choose this name to inspire you character and courage like our ancestors! I would say is really brave!

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Gagauzia #2

If you’re looking for diversity of Moldova you should definitely go South, to Gagauzia!!!

Also down there you’ll find the best  wine in my opinion:)) Why I am saying the best? I am talking about “Valul lui Traian “ region is called that way because it was used for Defense by the Roman Empire against the barbarians. Continue reading “Gagauzia #2”

Tighina Fortress #1

One of the places during my trip to Transnistria that really amazed me it was Tighina fortress. Originally was  built( from wood) by Stefan cel Mare, but in 1538 the Ottoman sultan Suleiman the Magnificent conquered the fortress  and renamed it Bender.
Bender is a city within the internationally recognized borders of Moldova under de facto control of unrecognized Prednistrovian Moldovan Respublic since 1992.

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Where is Moldova ?

Is very easily to get confused about this little green country, that Christians are also calling it the Garden of Mary! If you still don’t know where is it …. is between Romania and Ukraine like a sandwich:)) and is sharing common cultural heritage with Romania. That’s why if you’re traveling through Europe, especially Eastern part you should visit all of  this 3 to discover the best kept secrets of less visited countries, especially Moldova!!!  Why is so special? Because of its History, Wine (a lot of wine ), Nature, Diversity and the people very kind hearted, I would say still innocent…

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